From Do-it-yourself is Do-it-yourself-with-others. 'Zastávka' invites the visitor to stop and slow down. A concept of a joint city workshop is an open space for exhibitions, art workshops, author readings or film screenings.


foto "Michal Šeba ("

Project description

City Pilsen
No. of inhabitants  172 T
Location southern suburbs
Title Zastávka
Building railway station
Address Přeštická 4
Date of origin 1927
Monument cultural heritage
Original function transport
Owner Správa železniční dopravní cesty (6594)
Usable space building / yard
Kind of contract lease
Tenant individuals
Date of launch 2013
Temporary function community centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture activation "Do-it-yourself-with-others"
Construction recycling of furniture
Urbanism urban renewal
Future complete reconstruction