Ve Mlejnech


The unique industrial building in the very center of Pardubice belongs to the top works of the architect Josef Gočár and at the moment it has become home to various cultural events.

Ve Mlejnech
foto "Stanislav Dusík"

Project description

City Pardubice
No. of inhabitants  90,5 T
Location Bílé Předměstí
Title Ve Mlejnech
Building Winternitz automatic mills
Address Mezi mosty 436
Date of origin 1909
Monument cultural heritage
Original function industrial production
Owner Smetana Lukáš Ing.arch.
Usable space building
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Ve Mlejnech s.r.o.
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture activation of cultural heritage
Construction recycling of former elements
Urbanism urban renewal
Future complete reconstruction