Jablečné lázně


The aim to create a new cultural space that will offer not only to local audiences dramaturgy based on contemporary artistic trends and local history. All with an emphasis on a unique genius loci of the building of baths.


Jablečné lázně
foto "Kouzlo zašlé slávy"

Project description

City Jablonec nad Nisou
No. of inhabitants  45 T
Location centre
Title Jablečné lázně
Building City baths
Address Budovatelů 430/11 
Date of origin 1909
Monument cultural heritage
Original function healthcare
Owner City of Jablonec nad Nisou
Usable space building 
Kind of contract lease
Tenant ArtproProstor z.s.
Date of launch 2015 - 2017; 2019
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture activation of historic heritage
Construction recycling 
Urbanism urban renewal
Future complete reconstruction (2020)