Shelter #1


The project is part of the POP regeneration, a series of urban regeneration pilot projects which, through planned bottom-up interventions, aims to restore a certain degree of sociality and vitality in the Macrolotto district of Prato.

Shelter #1
foto "Agnese Morgati"

Project description

City Prato (Italy)
No. of inhabitants  192,5 T
Title Shelter #1
Building industrial yard
Address ia dei Fossi, 14/C, 59100 Prato 
Date of origin 20 cent.
Monument not mentioned
Original function industrial yard
Owner Municipality of Prato, Cultural Association
Usable space yard
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant ECÒL
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function public space
Pattern impulse
Architecture experiment
Construction pipe-joint system, stabilized by 32 concrete jerseys (seats)
Urbanism activation of vacant spot
Future safe neighborhood