A project Nautilus was born out of collaboration among local residents, production teams, workers, contractors, students and photographers. It is a cultural space where a neglected part of the city of Skopje is activated again.

foto "Joël Tettamanti"

Project description

City Skopje (Macedonia)
No. of inhabitants  546,8 T
Location centre
Title Nautilus
Building Vardar River
Address Kej 13th NovemberSkopje 1000 
Date of origin 20 cent.
Monument not mentioned
Original function waterfront
Owner city of Skopje
Usable space waterfront
Kind of contract installation
Tenant TEN + NGO City Creative Network
Date of launch 2015
Temporary function public cultural space with pedestrian path
Pattern impulse
Architecture self-supporting structure over the quay wall
Construction steel, woven and painted textiles
Urbanism activation of vacant spot
Future city access to waterfront