A center of the Hejčín district of Olomouc, with an abandoned building of the former Faculty of Science on a neglected plot of land, is becoming a new center of events. An initiative called Hej-čin, works with the vision of a community cultural and creative center, explores the hidden potential of an unused building and its surroundings, and comes up with a program of events leading to the activation of the locality.

foto "J. Čermák"

Project description

City Olomouc (Czechia)
No. of inhabitants  100,5 T
Location NW (Střední Hejčín)
Title Golem
Building former Faculty of Science UP
Address Tomkova 352/40, Hejčín, 779 00 Olomouc
Date of origin project 10/1989 L. Kramolišová - K. Doležel 
Monument not mentioned
Original function Faculty of Science Palacký University
Owner the city of Olomouc
Usable space buildings and surrounding property
Kind of contract zero lease (workshops and tours)
Tenant district commission of Olomouc - Hejčín
Date of launch 2020-22
Temporary function temporary cultural and community programme
Pattern impuls
Architecture revitalisaton
Construction recycling of prefabricated concrete system (MS-OB)
Urbanism activation of the complex
Future vision of community cultural and creative quarters (Basement Project)