Level Up


Level Up - a workshop that focused on specific design and construction. The participants decided to re-adapt the unused roof of the warehouse into a meeting place for local residents.

Level Up
foto "Rahul Palagani"

Project description

City Rijeka
No. of inhabitants  128,4 T
Location SE port
Title Level Up
Building Exportdrvo warehouse
Address Grobnička, Riva, 51000
Date of origin 1961
Monument not mentioned
Original function technical infrastructure
Owner Rijeka Port Authority
Usable space building and yard
Kind of contract workshop RE:EASA
Tenant B. Mahon, J. Parviainen, S. Tulshan, S. Sett
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function public space renewal
Pattern impulse
Architecture 180° panorama - typology of observation tower
Construction scaffolding, wooden construction
Urbanism activation of Dead Canal in Delta area
Future cultural regeneration of the port