La Tabacalera


La Tabacalera is a community center that engages the community in its administration. The cultural center includes so-called "fab lab"-  theater, several musical groups, artistic groups and many social activities. It is currently one of the main places for cultural activities in the city.

La Tabacalera
foto "Guillermo de la Madrid"

Project description

City Madrid
No. of inhabitants 3,33 M
Location centre
Title La Tabacalera
Building Tobacco factory
Address Calle Embajadores, 51
Date of origin 1750s
Monument not mentioned
Original function industrial production
Owner Ministry of education, culture and sport
Usable space building and yard
Kind of contract lease (2-8 years)
Tenant LTBC / La Tabacalera de LavapiƩs Cultural Ass.
Date of launch 2012
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture historic heritage retrieval
Construction recycling, modularity
Urbanism Muros Tabacalera (fence art)
Future complete reconstruction