Cinémar Trafaria


Studio Collectif Etc was invited to design a multifunctional mobile device in the small fishing village of Trafaria. It enables the organization of cultural events not only in the complex of an abandoned military prison.

Cinémar Trafaria
foto "Collectif Etc"

Project description

City Trafaria
No. of inhabitants  5,7 T
Location northern port
Title Cinémar Trafaria
Building Presídio da Trafaria
Address 2825-879 Trafaria
Date of origin 1751
Monument not mentioned
Original function public administration
Owner city of Almada
Usable space building and courtyard
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant Collectif Etc, Asociace E-DA
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function cultural events
Pattern impulse
Architecture mobile equipment
Construction metal construction
Urbanism complex renewal
Future EDA / Essays and Dialogues Association