Le Karting


Le Karting is one of three abandoned hangars on the island. Its diverse functional content ranges from social services to the offices of a media company. The project has become so successful that there is a queue for managing leases.

Le Karting
foto "Samoa"

Project description

City Nantes
Number of inhabitants  303,3 T
Location centre (island)
Title Le Karting
Building warehouse
Address 16 Rue St Domingue, 44200
Date of origin 20th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function shipyard warehouse
Owner Samoa
Usable space building
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Samoa
Date of launch 2012
Temporary function start-ups and creative centre
Pattern stand-in
Architecture modular architecture
Construction wooden boxes (10-100m2)
Urbanism urban renewal
Future urbanisation of island - hospital (2025)