The space developed 13 independently operating functions which are nicknamed 13 NEST typologies. Each typology has chosen its own way of working and together they develop a shared space on their own. It forms a city within a city, accessible and open to everyone.

foto "FB Nest"

Project description

City Ghent
Number of inhabitants  262,2 T
Location centre 
Title Nest
Building city library
Address 9000, Graaf van Vlaanderenplein 40
Date of origin 1920
Monument not mentioned
Original function city library
Owner city of Ghent
Usable space building and surrounding
Kind of contract lease (energy costs)
Tenant NEST (association)
Date of launch 2012
Temporary function multifunctional (culture, co-work, offices)
Pattern stand-in
Architecture NEST typologies
Construction recycling
Urbanism community involvement
Future entire reconstruction