Dynamo has become an important transport hub for city cyclists and commuters. It provides a secure parking space for bicycles and a range of accessories and maintenance services. As a private start-up providing public services, Dynamo also strives to set in motion a community of cyclists and promote this mode of transport.

foto "Eutropian"

Project description

City Bologna
Number of inhabitants  384,2 T
Location centre
Title Dynamo
Building technical underground
Address Via dell'Indipendenza, 71/z, 40126
Date of origin 17th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function techn. underground of papal residence
Owner city of Bologna (Incredibol)
Usable space underground spaces
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Dynamo Velostation Association
Date of launch 2015
Temporary function cyclo community hub and parking
Pattern impulse
Architecture retrieval of historic heritage
Construction recycling
Urbanism promotion of bicycle transport
Future entire reconstruction