The aim is to create a cultural and artistic center and to return the tower to one of its original purposes. It was to serve not only as a reservoir of coal and water for the neighboring boiler room. Moreover it was intended to use the top floor as a lookout tower.

foto "AvantgArt, z. s."

Project description

City Vratislavice nad Nisou 
No. of inhabitants  8,1 T
Location centre
Title Zauhlovačka
Building reservoir of coal and water
Address Rumburská
Date of origin 1918
Monument cultural heritage
Original function technical infrastructure
Owner INTEX a.s.
Usable space building 
Kind of contract lease
Tenant AvantgArt, z. s.
Date of launch 2016
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture activation of historic heritage
Construction recycling 
Urbanism urban renewal
Future complete reconstruction