Mercato Sonato


The original initiative came from musicians who needed space for their orchestra rehearsals. However, the space developed into a centre of music and performative art. In addition to daily music evenings, the Mercato Sonato hosts a number of music schools, choirs and crafts.

Mercato Sonato
foto "Eutropian"

Project description

City Bologna
Number of inhabitants  384,2 T
Location Cyrenaica district (NE)
Title Mercato Sonato
Building city market
Address Via Giuseppe Tartini, 3, 40127
Date of origin 1910
Monument not mentioned
Original function services
Owner city of Bologna (Incredibol)
Usable space building
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Orchestra Senzaspine
Date of launch 2015
Temporary function centre of music and performative arts
Pattern impulse
Architecture typology of rehearsing space
Construction recycling
Urbanism urban renewal
Future entire reconstruction