Constellations Bar


Constellations Bar is an outdoor venue which includes a bar, food truck, art space and community garden. Located in Liverpool’s up-and-coming creative quarter, The Baltic Triangle, the project occupies a disused industrial recycling yard.

Constellations Bar
foto "Robert Holmes Images"

Project description

City Liverpool
No. of inhabitants  552,3 T
Location centre
Title Constellations Bar
Building industrial recycling yard
Address 37-39 Greenland St, L1 0BS
Date of origin 20th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function technical infrastructure
Owner city of Liverpool
Usable space courtyard
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant H. Miller Bros.
Date of launch 2014
Temporary function cultural and community centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture inspiration by origginal gable roof
Construction wooden prefabricated components
Urbanism creative quarter "the Baltic Triangle"
Future permanent functional imput