Kasárna Karlín


The Karlin Barracks are a place where people of different lifestyles can meet and spend time together. It is a cultural oasis, free of visual smog and only a few minutes from the centre of Prague. There is a coffee shop here, a cinema, a sand pit, a gallery, a campfire pit, a bar with a club and thriving cultural and social life.

Kasárna Karlín
foto "Dorota Velek"

Project description

City Prague
No. of inhabitants  1,3 M
Location centre 
Title Karlin Barracks
Building Ferdinand barracks
Address Prvního pluku 20/2
Date of origin 1848
Monument cultural heritage
Original function public administration  
Owner Ministry of Justice
Usable space building and courtyard
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Pražské centrum z.s.
Date of launch 2017
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern stand-in
Architecture retrieval of historical heritage
Construction recyclable wooden elements
Urbanism urban renewal
Future auction in 2020