|CON|Temporary Library


A building of Turkish Baths is an important architectural monument which currently houses the Center for Contemporary Art. The halls regularly host exhibitions of contemporary art, presented in various forms, which evokes a unique contrast in the background of the historic monument.

|CON|Temporary Library
foto "Studio 8 1/2"

Project description

City Plovdiv
No. of inhabitants  338,2 T
Location northern part
Title |CON|Temporary Library
Building "Chifte" Ottoman Baths
Address Chetvarti yanuari, 4000 Tsentar
Date of origin 16th century
Monument cultural heritage
Original function services / Turkish baths "hammam"
Owner Asociace “Art Today”
Usable space building 
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant Studio 8 1/2
Date of launch 2012
Temporary function library of contemporary art
Pattern pioneer
Architecture spiral volume under the dome
Construction wooden constr. in contrast to brick and stone
Urbanism urbanisation
Future presentation of experimental contemp. art