The Ocean Climax Festival deals with protection of the oceans through conferences, exhibitions and concerts. Atelier Collectif Parenthése was invited to design the backstage of the festival, especially the organization of space for artists and festival staff (production, technicians, etc.).

foto "Collectif Parenthése"

Project description

City Bordeaux
No. of inhabitants  249,7 T
Location centre (La Bastide)
Title Climax
Building Niel barracks
Address 87 Quai des Queyries
Date of origin 1878
Monument not mentioned
Original function public administration
Owner Agence Cote Ouest
Usable space building and courtyard
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant Collectif Parenthése
Date of launch 2015
Temporary function festival
Pattern stand-in
Architecture typology of "backstage"
Construction modular wooden construction
Urbanism urban renewal
Future adaptation