Red Bull Music Academy


A project of music laboratory penetrates from interior to  exterior in the form of a fragmented urban structure, which offers the community of musicians everything for work and social life.

Red Bull Music Academy
foto "Miguel de Guzmán"

Project description

City Madrid
Number of inhabitants  3,33 M
Location southern part (Legazpi)
Title Red Bull Music Academy
Building Matadero Madrid
Address Plaza de Legazpi 8 
Date of origin 1920
Monument not mentioned
Original function industrial production
Owner city of Madrid
Usable space building and courtyard
Kind of contract assignment
Tenant Langarita Navarro Arquitectos
Date of launch 2011
Temporary function festival
Pattern stand-in
Architecture typology of "music laboratory"
Construction recyclable acustic elements
Urbanism creative disctrict
Future contemporary art centre