The temporary pavilion Viaticus, arises as a response to its placement, on the western patio of the Cordoaria Nacional building. Atelier JQTS designed a “superstructure” to host ARCO visitors, one of the world’s most relevant art fairs. Based on the image of a tower construction rising above the patio, the pavilion was conceived as a public space that invites people to come into contact with one another.

foto " Diana Quintela"

Project description

City Lisboa (Portugal)
No. of inhabitants  507,0 T
Location SW
Title Viaticus
Building Cordoaria Nacional
Address Av. Da Índia, 1300-598 
Date of origin 1771
Monument national cultural heritage
Original function industrial production (textiles)
Owner Portugese navy (directed by Lisbon municipality)
Usable space yard
Kind of contract competition
Tenant Atelier JQTS
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function installation
Pattern stand-in
Architecture monumental superstructure
Construction 3x3x3m metal structure, textile draping
Urbanism complex activation
Future ARCOlisboa