“Forest of ropes” is an experience which has attracted many visitors to the factory. In contrast with the two contiguous areas, which are always full of life and clearly defined activities, this place stands out for its apparent purposelessness.

foto "UiWE"

Project description

City Copenhagen (Denmark)
No. of inhabitants  602,0 T
Location SW
Title Rebskoven
Building Carlsberg Brewery
Address DänemarkQaaaa, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11
Date of origin 1847 (J.C. Jacobsen)
Monument not mentiones
Original function industrial production
Owner Carlsbergbyen
Usable space buildings and yard
Kind of contract installation
Tenant Keinicke & Overgaard Architects / UiWE
Date of launch 2011
Temporary function installation
Pattern stand-in
Architecture space perception 3D
Construction 3,500 lengths of ropes (d 22mm) in a ceiling construction
Urbanism complex activation
Future city district