Variante Bunker


Each area has its own specific atmosphere. In this case initiators invited national and international artists to activate walls of the Bunker with paintings and installations.

Variante Bunker
foto "Variante Bunker"

Project description

City Turin
No. of inhabitants  886,8 T
Location northern part
Title Variante Bunker
Building factory district, bunker
Address Via Niccolò Paganini 0/200
Date of origin 1920
Monument not mentioned
Original function machinery industry
Owner Torino Quittengo srl. (real estate)
Usable space buildings / yard
Kind of contract lease (operation costs)
Tenant URBE
Date of launch 2012
Temporary function cultural and sport centre
Pattern stand-in
Architecture retrieval of brownfield
Construction recycling of scaffolding
Urbanism urban renowation
Future Variante 200 project