De Ceuvel

In the former shipyard they carried out one of the most unique urban experiments in Europe. The old houseboats were placed on heavily polluted soil, working areas were equipped with cleaning technologies and everything was connected by a pier. De Ceuvel is a testing platform for sustainable technologies.


De Ceuvel
foto "Hotel Asile Flottant"

Project description

City Amsterdam
No. of inhabitants  821,8 T
Location Noord
Title NDSM Wharf
Building shipyard
Address Korte Papaverweg 4, 1032 KB
Date of origin 1919
Monument not mentioned
Original function transport
Owner city of Amsterdam
Usable space buildings / yard
Kind of contract lease (10 yrs)
Tenant Space&Matter a společníci
Date of launch 2013
Temporary function sustainable cultural centre
Pattern pioneer
Architecture activation of polluted area in the centre
Construction recycling of houseboats
Urbanism urban renowation
Future experimental platform (fytoremediation)