At its peak, the Kunsthaus Tacheles housed a theater, bar, cultural space, studios and almost 100 artists from over 30 different countries under one roof. Operating 24/7, everyone from art critics, tourists and artists passed through the place, there was no censorship, no middleman and artists sold work directly from their studios.

foto "Linda Cerna"

Project description

City Berlin (Germany)
No. of inhabitants  3,65 M
Location centre
Title Kunsthaus Tacheles
Building Tacheles (Friedrichstra├čenpassage)
Address Oranienburger Stra├če 54, 56a
Date of origin 1907-1908
Monument cultural heritage
Original function department store
Owner HSH Nordbank
Usable space building and yard
Kind of contract lease (symbolic for 1DM)
Tenant Gruppe Tacheles
Date of launch 1998-2008
Temporary function art venue
Pattern pioneer
Architecture sustainability, heritage protection
Construction reconstruction
Urbanism traditional urban structure of a city
Future 439 Am Tacheles - Herzog & de Meuron