Libros Mutantes

The independent book fair Libros Mutantes takes place every year at La Casa Encendida in Madrid. The cultural event brings together Spanish and international publishers. Every year there is a public competition for the design of the stands that will be used by the exhibitors. The brief highlights aspects such as sustainability and reuse of materials and low material and installation costs. The 2015 event was won by studio Cuarto Orden with a project that used cheap materials to create a simple display system with zero waste.

Libros Mutantes
foto "Cuarto Orden"

Project description

City Madrid (Spain)
No. of inhabitants  3,22 M
Location centre
Title Libros Mutantes
Building La Casa Encendida
Address Rda. de Valencia, 2, 28012 Madrid 
Date of origin 20 cent.
Monument not mentioned
Original function social and cultural centre
Owner FundaciĆ³n Montemadrid
Usable space central patio
Kind of contract installation
Tenant Cuarto Orden
Date of launch 2015
Temporary function exhibition displays for a book fair
Pattern pioneer
Architecture sustainability, reuse of materials, do-it-yourself idea
Construction scaffolding and canvas - attached to metal stands with plastic zip ties
Urbanism succulent plants garden
Future annual fair