Christiansholm, known as "Paper Island", is also called the crown jewel of the harbor. The site was originally home to a storage facility for a newspaper roll for the Danish press. Since 2014, it has been a place for temporary tenants such as Copenhagen Street Food, Copenhagen Contemporary Arts Center and various showrooms. The transitional phase preceding the complete revitalization of the island has made it a popular vibrant urban location for locals and tourists alike.


foto "Stig Alenäs"

Project description

City Copenhagen (Denmark)
No. of inhabitants  17,7 T
Location centre
Title Le Tri Postal
Building La Poste
Address Trangravsvej 10, 1436 København 
Date of origin 1958
Monument not mentioned
Original function storage facility for a newspaper roll
Owner city of Copenhagen
Usable space buildings and yards
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Copenhagen Street Food
Date of launch 2014-2018
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern stand-in
Architecture revitalisaton
Construction recycling
Urbanism activation
Future new city neighbourhood