Nt. Areal


NT Areal (non-territorial) is the first area with temporary use in Switzerland in which the development of the city was taken into account from the beginning. The initiative came from an association of individuals. Starting with a successful reconstruction of the former station canteen they boosted cultural rise of the whole area.

Nt. Areal
foto "Matthias B├╝rgin"

Project description

City Basel
Number of inhabitants  175,7 T
Location Rosendal district (NE)
Title Nt. Areal
Building freight station
Address Erlenstrasse 23
Date of origin 20th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function transport
Owner Eisenbahnimmobilien GmbH
Usable space building / yard
Kind of contract lease 
Tenant K.E.I.M.
Date of launch 2000-2012
Temporary function centre for culture, sport, gastronomy and offices
Pattern pioneer
Architecture typology / suitalble functional infill
Construction recycling
Urbanism urban renewal
Future new city district Erlenmatt