Hotel Neustadt


The Hotel Neustadt was open to the public in various ways. Local and international guests mingled with artists, young people and those who once lived here as students. A kind of community experiment was created that brought together young people, artists, visitors, residents and urban space.

Hotel Neustadt
foto "Raumlaborberlin"

Project description

City Halle
Number of inhabitants  233,7 T
Location Halle-Neustadt district (SW)
Title Hotel Neustadt
Building hotel
Address Albert Einstein Strasse
Date of origin 1964
Monument not mentioned
Original function transport
Owner city of Halle
Usable space building 
Kind of contract lease 
Tenant Raumlabor, Thalia Theater Halle
Date of launch 2003
Temporary function festival
Pattern impulse
Architecture retrieval from demolition
Construction recycling
Urbanism urban renewal
Future urbanisation of the district