A newly reopened legendary venue located on an island in the center of Prague, yet very far away from the mainstream.  A functionalist-styled café by Josef Fuchs was tied together with the famous Štvanice Stadium. Since December 2018 it is known as Fuchs2 and it is a safe haven for alternative culture.

foto "Fuchs2"

Project description

City Prague
No. of inhabitants  1,3 M
Location northern part (Holešovice)
Title Fuchs2
Building Fuchs café
Address island Štvanice 1125, Praha 7
Date of origin 1930s
Monument cultural heritage
Original function services / café
Owner city of Prague
Usable space building 
Kind of contract lease
Tenant cooperation (Altenburg 1964, Přístav 186 00, Containall a Vila Štvanice)
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture conservation
Construction recycling
Urbanism urban renewal
Future revitalisation of the island