Darwin ecosystem


A unique social experiment which attracts a rich variety of profiles and innovative projects. Street artists, entrepreneurs, fans of electro music, protagonists of ecology and sustainable life style - each of them finding their unique place here.

Darwin ecosystem
foto "D. Manaud"

Project description

City Bordeaux (Francie)
No. of inhabitants  249,7 T
Location centre (La Bastide)
Title Darwin ecosystem
Building Niel barracks
Address 87 Quai des Queyries
Date of origin 1878
Monument not mentioned
Original function public administration / barracks
Owner Evolution Group
Usable space building and courtyard
Kind of contract lease
Date of launch 2013
Temporary function cultural centre
Pattern pioneer
Architecture 6,000 m2 of multigenre typology
Construction modular construction, recycling
Urbanism urban renowation
Future ecological district