The Arches


The project fulfils a temporary and sustainable approach. Boano Prišmontas seek to work with developers and administrations on short-term urban regeneration strategies that support the rapid creation of affordable workspaces for local businesses and startups.

The Arches
foto "Boano Prišmontas"

Project description

City London
Number of inhabitants  8,9 M
Location southern district
Title The Arches
Building railway viaduct
Address Loughborough Junction, Brixton
Date of origin 1834
Monument not mentioned
Original function transport
Owner Arch Company
Usable space space under a railway viaduct
Kind of contract  competition
Tenant Boano Prišmontas
Date of launch 2017
Temporary function business incubator
Pattern pioneer
Architecture activation
Construction digitally designed modular wooden system 
Urbanism urban renewal
Future prototype