Tallinn Street Quarter


The Free Riga Association has transformed 16 buildings and 4,000 square meters of space into a vibrant cultural center. At present, there are bars, a sound studio, co-working spaces and a hall serving street food.

Tallinn Street Quarter
foto "Tallinas ielas kvartāls"

Project description

City Talin
Number of inhabitants  435,0 T
Location centre
Title Tallinn Street Quarter
Building service centre of rescue services
Address Miera iela 34, Centra rajons
Date of origin 20th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function services
Owner private
Usable space building / yard / surrounding
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Free Riga
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function centre of culture and contemporary art
Pattern stand-in
Architecture activation
Construction recycling
Urbanism urban renewal
Future creative district