Selfware surface


The first of functional interventions was realized on the facade of the Palais Thienfeld in cooperation with the Institute for Housing Construction and the Institute for Design (Technical University of Vienna). This created a temporary interface between interior and exterior (street) that can be used and inhabited. More than forty students designed and implemented a 1:1 scale vertical intervention.

Selfware surface
foto "Michael Schuster"

Project description

City Graz (Austria)
No. of inhabitants  283,8 T
Location centre
Title Selfware surface
Building Palais Thienfeld
Address Mariahilfer Str. 2, 8020 Graz 
Date of origin 20 cent.
Monument not mentioned
Original function city palace
Owner Grazer Kunsthaus
Usable space street facade of building
Kind of contract installation
Tenant Institute for Housing Construction + Design (TUV)
Date of launch 2003
Temporary function temporary interface
Pattern pioneer
Architecture transition between public and private spheres
Construction metal scaffolding with elements
Urbanism low-budget design student workshop
Future SELFWARE - politics of identity - culture capital Graz 2003