Prostor 39


Five floors of a long empty house that has recovered. From body culture in a movement studio, through coffee culture to a rich range of cultural events in a multifunctional space and a photo studio on the third floor.

Prostor 39
foto "FB Prostor 39"

Project description

City Prague
No. of inhabitants  1,3 M
Location centre 
Title Prostor39
Building residential housing
Address Řehořova 33/39
Date of origin 19th century
Monument not mentioned
Original function housing 
Owner JAN.Ž.IM.GROUP a.s.
Usable space building 
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Prostor39 s.r.o.
Date of launch 2018
Temporary function community centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture retrieval of the complex
Construction glass walls with metal framing
Urbanism urban renewal
Future complete reconstruction