Piazza Metallica


Originally a controversial project to develop square formations, public spaces in the blast furnace. Today the fear of toxic contaminated sites has given way to a calm acceptance of the old structures. Up to 50,000 people can be found at festivals on these squares, where green trees interweave with structures of the blast furnace.


Piazza Metallica
foto "Michael Latz"

Project description

City Duisburg
Number of inhabitants  498,6 T
Location northern part
Title Piazza Metallica
Building Thyssen Meiderich steelworks
Address Park Duisburg Nord
Date of origin 1901
Monument industrial heritage
Original function industrial production 
Owner city of Duisburg
Usable space yard
Kind of contract zero phase of revitalization
Tenant Latz + Partner
Date of launch 2002
Temporary function public square
Pattern impulse
Architecture activation
Construction paving from metal plates of blast furnaces
Urbanism urban revitalization
Future landscape park