Les Petites Serres


"Small Greenhouses" is a title for an original typology bringing together a private mansion and industrial premises under a glass roof. This place is home to various projects: sustainable development start-ups, neighborhood associations, artists, real estate structures, architects, etc. Institute Plateau Urbain playing role of a coordinator of the activity spaces, with prices modulated according to the types available.  

Les Petites Serres
foto "Marie Genin"

Project description

City Paris (France)
No. of inhabitants  2,14 M
Location 5th arrondissement (centre)
Title Les Petites Serres
Building city mansion
Address 7 Rue Lacépède, Paris 
Date of origin 20 cent.
Monument not mentioned
Original function industrial building
Owner Novaxia
Usable space buildings
Kind of contract lease
Tenant Plateau Urbain, Aurore Association
Date of launch 2017-
Temporary function public space
Pattern stand-in (occupation before construction)
Architecture experiment typology
Construction steel, glass, lighting
Urbanism activation of vacant spot
Future complete reconstruction (hotel)