Het Schieblock


ZUS architectural office stood at the beginning of the project, when they started with small interventions in creation of their studio. Together with other tenants, they averted the impending demolition of the building in 2007 and the project is a successful pioneer to this day.

Het Schieblock
foto "Dakakkers"

Project description

City Rotterdam
Number of inhabitants  6,0 T
Location centre
Title Luchtsingel / Het Schieblock 
Building multifunctional building
Address Schiekade 189, 3013 BR
Date of origin 1959
Monument not mentioned
Original function services / insurance, school, offices
Owner LSI – Luuk Smits Investments
Usable space building / yard / surrounding
Kind of contract lease
Tenant ZUS
Date of launch 2010
Temporary function centre of urbanism and studios
Pattern pioneer
Architecture averting the demolition of the complex
Construction recycling
Urbanism laboratory of urban development
Future financial support of the city